Policies and Information

This page details the policies, privacy information, and other "stuff" you might need to know about Dames of the Needle web pages.

Copying of Dames of the Needle/Fingerworks patterns or pictures, on the Web or on paper

Scanning or copying of any part of our charts is strictly prohibited without explicit approval in writing by Dames of the Needle. This is true for any kind of copies, including electronic and paper copies.

Images provided on the Dames of the Needle web site, of cover models of Dames of the Needle patterns, may be copied only for use as an aid in retail or wholesale marketing of Dames of the Needle charts, and may only be copied if any embedded copyright information remains legible in the copies (except for thumbnails). Linking to the pictures on our web site is also allowed.

Privacy information

We do not currently use cookies on this site, except for PayPal-generated cookies associated with our online store payment processing, and except for session-cookies for wholesale orders. If you email us, or if you subscribe to our newsletter, we may retain that electronic information in order to facilitate communications and to legally be able to prove that a subscription request was received. We do not send out unsolicited advertising email, and we do not share our email subscriptions with anyone else, under any circumstances. We do honor all requests to be removed from the newsletter and informational subscription mailings that we send out. If you believe that you have been inadvertently added to our mailing list, please let us know promptly so that we can remove you and so that we can investigate whether someone else signed you up without your permission.

Our site contains links to other sites. Dames of the Needle is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of those Web sites.

You should NEVER send credit card information to Dames of the Needle through email. Our web site is NOT a secure server. Please call us if you need to provide us with that information.

We reserve the right to use or disclose any information as needed to satisfy any law, regulation, or legal request; to conduct investigations of consumer complaints or possible breaches of law; to protect the integrity of our site and our property; to protect the safety of our visitors or others; to fulfull your requests; or to cooperate in any legal investigation.

Spam and Viruses

In this day and age of spam, some unscrupulous spammers illegally use email addresses other than their own when sending out their spam, making it look like some else sent the spam. Dames of the Needle has no control over such illegal practices, and is as unhappy as you are about any such instances. By examining the headers of such email ("show all headers"), you can usually detect such forged headers. For further information about what you can do to detect and fight spam, the following web pages are a good place to start:

Computer viruses are also becoming more and more devious, and may appear to have been sent from a different email address than the actual sender. Our Dames of the Needle computers all have virus software on them which we keep updated. Because of this, it is unlikely (but not impossible in today's virus environment) that an email originating from Dames of the Needle will contain a virus. One obvious way to begin to protect yourself against computer viruses is to NEVER "double-click" on an attachment to an email. You can learn more about viruses and how to protect against them from:

Shipping Information

We charge a minimum shipping charge for wholesale shipments. We ship USPS Priority Mail in general. For heavier shipments, we charge actual shipping costs.

We typically mail things out on Tuesday-Friday. That may be subject to change, but our general policy is that it may take 2-3 days to get things that we have in stock into the mail.

Ordering Info

Dames of the Needle sells its patterns and products wholesale to shops and distributors. Our policy is that the first order must be paid in advance, and further orders are net 30. If you fail to pay net 30, we will ask that any new orders for the next year be prepaid. To order, either email or call us.

We can help you with threads and material associated with designs created or published by Dames of the Needle. Please note, we are able to respond better to requests for information if you give us your name (even in an email) and at least the city that you are in.